Quality Security Systems

Get complete control over your Home or Business Security System The time has come for innovative soutions!

Intrution Systems

We supply, install and services majority of the security systems available to the South African market.  Since 2005, with hundreds for installations done by Security World.  We have a proven track record of, not one successful security breach. 

Business Solutions

We have also perfected the telecoms industry, through live testing on innovative and advanced high tech Equipment, locally and internationally supplied to the South African market.We work hand in hand with all our manufactures, suppliers and have full support 24/7, to ensure any business runs smoothly with absolute no hiccups.Quality Underlines our Business!

The next generation of security systems

Complete Integration

Gone are the days where you had to depend on different solutions to secure your premises. With our ITS solutions, we integrate your IT, Telecoms and Security in one.
We have your solution at our finger tips.

Gate & Garage Automation

Security World is an authorised dealer for most branded automation solutions. We will also integrate your existing equipment for peace of mind. Just imagine getting a notification when your gate opens and you not home....


Intrution Alarms

With our smart apps, you can manage your alarm anywhere in the world. They are user friendly and say good bye to the ongoing call-outs for technical faults. You now have full control of your system and eliminates unwanted guess at your home.

Protection of Valuable Items

Get notifications if these items have been moved or tamped with. Ideal for businesses that have valuable information or products that are too expensive and rare to replace. Trusted Solutions, to give that peace of mind.

Access Control

Technology has even brought Biometrics to the home. Security World caters for all Biometrics, Facial recognition, Boom gates, Scanners, Vehicle recognition for huge complexes and guard monitoring systems.

Easy to use interface

With our new and advanced CCTV systems, AHD and IP. Quality has never been perfected before. Affordable solutions for all your home or business needs. Crystal clear picture on all our camera's.

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