Bova Freezer Extreme Cold Safety Boot – Black


This boot has been engineered to provide the wearer with protection in environments where temperatures drop to -25˚C . The boot has found popularity amongst those working in cold storage applications.

A leather boot made from 2mm thick, breathable, water repellent, soft s3 grain leather – with high wearing durability. A fully padded collar gives additional wearer comfort & support. The vamp, QTR & tongue lining is made from a combination of ferrabelle face fabric laminated to 3m thinsulate insulation material guaranteeing warmth & comfort even at temperatures of -25 degrees celcius.


NON-CONDUCTIVE: Prevents the conduction of electricity
200 JOULES COMPLIANCE: 200 Joules Compliance means that the toe cap’s impact resistance is tested by a steel striker of mass 20kg ±0.4kg adapted to fall freely on vertical guides from a predetermined height of 1000mm
ULTRA FRESH TECHNOLOGY: Strong anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial protection. Moisture management and odour control
SABS: Meets the Standards of the South African Bureau of Standards
Product Size

Fabric Type

UPPER: Full grain leather
7 pair D-ring lace-up
Padded bellows tongue collar for comfort
LINING: Non-woven material in-sock laminated to 3M needle felt thinsulate for maximum thermal insulation
Anti-bacterial Energiser woollen top sock with anti-microbial properties
Vamp, quarter and tongue lining consist of Ferrabelle fabric laminated to 3M thinsulate insulation material, guaranteeing warmth down to -25 degrees Celsius (Conforms to SatraTM 436)
MIDSOLE: Shank reinforcement for additional arch support
Anti-penetration resistant midsole available – 42618
TOE CAP: Steel
SOLE: Dual Density PU/Rubber – outersole 8mm thick (Cold resistant down to -25° C)


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