ScubaPro Synergy Mini Dive Mask


The Synergy Mini is a downsized version of the Synergy Twin mask.
Its smaller frame and skirt create a comfortable and watertight seal for divers who have had issues getting the full-sized Synergy Twin to seal on their faces. The Trufit 2 technology features a mask skirt with thicker, firmer silicone near the mask frame to provide support and rigidity, and thinner silicone contouring to the face for comfort and to ensure a watertight seal. It’s an effective combination that delivers a truly unique fit and seal. The dual lens design is low volume and offers a wide field of view, and the mask comes standard with a color-coordinated Comfort Strap.

• Downsized, with a smaller frame and skirt for smaller faces.
• Trufit Technology can be identified by its unique ribbing texture on the mask skirt.
• Stylish Metallic-look frames in eye catching colours.
• Angled tear drop lenses provide Low Volume and Wide View.
• Quick adjust rotating buckles mounted directly to the skirt provide flexibility for comfort and easy folding for storage.
• Ultraclear lenses provide optimal clarity under water.


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